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Facts & stats about Argentina...

Low Risk Area



National Bird: Hornero

World's widest avenue

9 de Julio Avenue: 140 m wide, 12 lanes

Median Age

National Dance: Tango

Surface area (sq/km)

National Flower: Ceibo flower

History of Argentina...
Also known asPrincipality of Andorra
Capital CityAndorra la Vella
Population72 209 (9 June 2017)
Male: 51.7%
Female: 48.3%
Population density154.86/km2
Population age structure>15 = 15.6%
15 - 64 = 71.4%
65+ = 13%
Population dependency ratioindependent : dependent = 1:0.4
Life expectancy at birthFemale: 84.6
Male: 80.4
LiteracyOverall: 100%
Country size468 km2
Dominant languagesCatalan
Dominant religion(s)Roman Catholic: 90%
Leader(s)President Emmanuel Macron of France
Bishop of Urgel, Spain
Important dates

  • 803AD:
    • Emperor Charlemagne recovers Andorran area from Moors.
    • Andorra granted to Spanish Count of Urgell by Charles II of Spain.

  • 1133: Andorra ceded to bishop of Urgell by count of Urgell.

  • 1278: Andorra adopts joint allegiance to France and Spain in pareage agreement following French and Spanish claims to Urgell heirship.

  • 1607:French head of state and bishop of Urgell established as co-principality by French royal edict.

  • 1866: Process of democratisation started after electoral reform.

  • 1933: Council of the Land dissolved after attempting the installation of a Russian adventurer as King Boris I of Andorra.

  • 1936: French troops sent to protect Andorra from spillover of Spanish Civil War.

  • 1939: Andorra becomes smuggling route from Vichy France to neutral Spain as a neutral party during World War II.

  • 1970: Women given the right to vote.

  • 1982: First executive branch of government takes office.

  • 1990: Andorra signs customs union with EU.

  • 1993:
    • First constitution adopted by referendum.
    • Feudal powers of two princes reduced.
    • Andorra joins United Nations.
    • First general elections held under new constitution.
    • Ribas Reig elected premier.

  • 1994:
    • Resignation of Ribas Reig.
    • Marc Forne Molne elected prime minister.

  • 2001: Marc Forne Molne reelected as prime minister.

  • 2002: Government closes incinerator which had exceeded EU emissions 1000-fold.

  • 2005:
    • Liberal party wins elections.
    • Albert Pintat elected premier.
    • Cooperation agreement with EU comes into effect.

  • 2009:
    • Andorra eases banking secrecy rules to allow other countries to find tax evaders.
    • Social Democrats win general elections without majority vote.
    • Jaume Bartumeu Cassany elected prime minister.

  • 2011:
    • Centre-right Democrats for Andorra coalition wins parliamentary election.
    • Antoni Marti elected prime minister.

  • 2013:Personal tax introduced for the first time under pressure from EU.

  • 2016:US lifts sanctions imposed on Andorran bank Banca Privada d'Andorra for money laundering.

Interesting facts
  • Andorra has only ever won one international football match. 1-0 against Macedonia in 2004

  • There are more Spanish immigrants in Andorra than Andorran nationals.

  • If foreigners commit crimes in Andorra they are extradited and not charged within country borders.

  • Andorra has no airports.

  • 90% of the country consists of forests.

  • Andorra has no army, though they have 12 ceremonial soldiers.

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...

The beauty of Argentina...


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