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Moving to a new country is a daunting experience, whether you’re going it alone, relocating with family or simply there to gain employment experience. Saffa Abroad caters for any and all South Africans living abroad, with news, resources and some local flavours to make your new home feel more like home.

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South Africans are a strange bunch. We’re eclectic, loud, respect our elders, walk barefoot and are of all races, creeds and faiths.

We grew up walking through fields of mealies, vinyeards and sunflowers. Our neighbours may have had mansions with staircases under enormous roman archs, or lived in shacks with no water or electricity.

We understand diversity. We understand a sense of loss, disconnect and betrayal by our past, our parents, our peers or our politicians.

And yet we have an inherent resilience. We have a love for the land and the people. We believe in Ubuntu, despite all the discord we’ve been fed. We still hope for a better future – one where we can walk the wide expanses of the savannah, the Karoo and the highlands without fear or regret.

We live elsewhere now, but our hearts will always linger in the shadow of longing.


Latest news from our BLOGGERS abroad…

Emigration: not everyone wants to leave for the same reason

I've been a liberal person all my life. Perhaps, growing up, I had not been as liberal as I now know I could have been. Perhaps now, knowing my upbringing, certain things still hold me back from being the liberal person I might have been. Creating SAFFA Abroad had...

The Memory of a Crying Woman

Lately I seem to sleep lightly. Or maybe it is deeper? I suppose it depends on what you think about lucid dreaming. These days I am dreaming although I’m not sleeping. And I am awake, but most definitely not in control of my body, nor my thoughts. The dreams can be...

Travelling as a lone female

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realised the true beauty of travelling and the meaning of the term "wanderlust". Travel has broadened my mind and since my first trip, I have made a promise to myself to try travel abroad at least once a year. Distant routes to...

Bridge Over Troubled Water

I remember the day I first walked over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City as if it had only happened yesterday. To cut a very long story short, I had gone to the Big Apple with stars in my eyes on the word of someone who had promised the world but had deceived those...

SAFFA abroad – how it all began

Dear reader... A quick search would tell you what you'd wanted to know; that I am NOT a South African expat and have never left my country. So you may be wondering where this all started and why someone like me would create a platform for South Africans abroad when I...

The Significance of Butterflies

Let's begin at the beginning... My father, one of the wisest and coolest people I know, always lived by the notion that before you travelled the world you should get to know your country - because how do you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?...

Korean Birth

When you have too much time on your hands, it seems like all they do is just tie up your time. Being in South Korea is supposed to be the be all and end all - the end of the idle hands. This is the time to shine. Living the easy life always seemed to be out of reach,...

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